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For Shippers

Tortooga reduces the headaches and high cost of freight shipping by empowering you to book directly with carriers who have excess space. The price you see is the price you get. No haggling. No fuss. Just click, book, ship.

  • Save money with the ability to compare rates
  • Save time booking in less than 60 seconds
  • Reduce stress by tracking your shipments with ease
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For Carriers

Your business in your pocket. Tortooga enables you to easily list and sell the excess capacity in your trucks directly to the customer.

  • List your free space in 5 clicks
  • Transform your empty backhauls into earnings with our app
  • See Shipper Name and Address on all loads
  • Get paid within 72 hours with easy payment options
  • Connect directly with shippers. No middlemen.
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Matthew Byrnes

Continental Automotive Systems - Shippers
Working with Tortooga has helped us reduce costs and improve service by looking at logistics differently. We value Tortooga’s commitment to transparency, innovation, and sustainability, underpinned by a culture of operational excellence.

Alicia Hermez

DTLA Fashion Network - Shippers
We've been working with Tortooga for a month and they've already shown us they're resourceful and seek out solutions to any problem and will meet any obstacle.

Franklin Moore

Thomson Trucking & Logistics - Carriers
I’ve been in trucking for 30 years and I understand how technology can help me. I like Tortooga because everything is simple, efficient and I can easily use it when I’m on the road.

Roberto Castillo

Castillo Transportation Inc. - Carriers
I owe you guys so much for helping me turn my business around. When I couldn’t figure out how to keep my truck business going, you guys showed me how I could. With your help I got back on the right path.

Frank Greene

Tortooga’s first carrier - Carriers
After starting with Tortooga, I no longer have to spend so much time away from home. I’m able to pick the lanes I want, the rates I want and I’m taking home more money at the end of the month. And best of all, Tortooga has allowed me to work closer to home. It’s a good company with a great network of shippers, and helped me build a better customer base in Tennessee.

Latest Blog Articles

Our Mission to Drivers and The Environment

Tortooga continually strives to find ways to make trucking easier for carriers and drivers, but also helping to reduce the impact on the environment. Reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental sustainability are at the core of Tortooga’s mission of filling excess capacity to be more efficient and move towards zero waste.

According to the EPA, heavy-duty full truckload freight accounts for more than 205 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. Today, 72 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions are the result of empty miles.