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In 2016, Tortooga Started a Movement in Better Ways To Ship

Tortooga is the most efficient digital freight network, simplifying the process to connect shippers and carriers to move millions of truckloads, saving money for shippers, increasing earnings for carriers, and eliminating carbon waste for our planet

Tortooga started in December 2015 when we were on our annual road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle for Christmas, when we met a local carrier in the middle of Oregon named Frank. After striking up a conversation with Frank, he told us that he probably wasn’t going to make it home to Tennessee for Christmas Eve for the third year in a row because he couldn’t fill his truck. Confused, we asked him why because being the busiest time of year, his truck should consistently be full. Frank began to list the painful issues that were plaguing the industry, such as direct access to customers, high broker fees and no easy way to list capacity to open markets. We wanted to help.

Before arriving in Seattle 2 days later, we already had a plan. We built a prototype and I called Frank 4 days before Christmas to see if he was open to letting us sell his capacity. He was excited but didn’t want to get his hopes up. So we listed 24 pallets spaces. The next morning, no more than 11 hours later, Frank called us. It was a combination of tears and excitement. Our prototype had sold 22 of his 24 spaces overnight, and Frank was able to make it home for Christmas Eve.

Creating Tortooga to help Frank get home not only proved to us that there’s a better way of doing things, but we can give power back to the truckers and owner operators who built this industry. We want to continue on our mission of creating the biggest network of carriers and customers in the hopes of simplifying the industry and creating a more efficient way of moving freight from A to B.

About The Company

Officially founded in 2016, Tortooga is a community marketplace where people can list, discover and book space in trucks and shipping containers from freight providers and carriers. It is widely recognized in the industry that only 70% of container space is being used within trucks and shipping containers, with no efficient way of selling this available space easily. Tortooga allows you to create a capacity listing for free, with the carrier being able to offer a set price per pallet on any given transit route. Customers can contact hosts using the internal messaging system to confirm availability, then they submit a reservation request when they’re ready. Our intuitive platform keeps communication and transactions transparent on Tortooga to best ensure trust and safety and to adhere to our terms of use.

When a shipper finds their desired listing, they simply enter their cargo details, provide their pickup/delivery address, and make their payment. Our payment system ensures that money is fully collected and safe by holding payments until 72 hours after the customer has their goods delivered, at which point we transfer it to the carrier. This gives everyone the opportunity to confirm that everything is as expected. Once a reservation is completed, both the customer and the provider can review each other to build a reputation in the community.

Tortooga represents the next evolution in shipping, providing a direct access point to get the shipping you need, when you need it.
Tortooga is located in Los Angeles, California.