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Tortooga is an online marketplace where Carriers can list unused container or truck space, and Shippers can book this space to deliver their cargo from point A to point B, all for a low booking fee.

Carriers list their available container or truck space on our open marketplace for existing routes. Shippers can search for these routes based on their shipping needs. After selecting the listing, the Shipper can book partial or entire available space. Payment is taken at time of booking and released to the Carrier only after delivery is complete.

No. Tortooga is a marketplace and booking engine where users can buy and sell space to ship their cargo. The liability and ownership still falls upon box owners, freight forwarders, carriers and owner-operators.

Registration is fast and approval takes less than 24 hours. We just need your business information and your MC/DOT number (for carriers, OO and freight forwarders), or for Amazon suppliers we only need your Amazon account ID.

We pre-screen and certify each carrier to make sure they qualify to join our network. Tortooga also has a public rating and review system that is available to all Shippers prior to making a booking.

Tortooga requires carriers to maintain automobile and cargo insurance, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Tortooga also carries contingent insurance that further protects each shipment. If you have specific insurance requirements, please contact us at

Yes. Tortooga is specifically designed for savvy entrepreneurs to create shipping eco-systems within our platform.

If you are going to be late to pick-up or drop-off, you will able to communicate directly with the Shipper through our platform. You can let us know via phone or through the app. Arriving late could affect your review and rating.