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Tap into America’s fastest growing online marketplace where shippers and carriers can complete shipments together in the simplest and most reliable way. Tortooga is an open marketplace that is built on trust, convenience, and direct access, saving you from the complicated and costly process of dealing with brokers, third-party services, or booking agents. Book your shipments in just a few clicks.


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Save Money, Save Time, Save Stress

Tortooga reduces the headaches and high cost of freight shipping by empowering you to book directly with carriers who have excess space. The price you see is the price you get. No haggling. No fuss. Just click, book, ship.

Save money with the ability to compare rates.

Reduce stress by tracking your shipments with ease.

Save time booking in less than 60 seconds.

Communicate directly with drivers to coordinate more efficient pickup and delivery times.

Book directly with carriers. The price online is the price you pay.

Trust and reliability. All Tortooga carriers are rated by you based on performance and price.

Tortooga is a platform that lowers cost, saves time, and improves your efficiency.



Matthew Byrnes

Continental Automotive Systems
Working with Tortooga has helped us reduce costs and improve service by looking at logistics differently. We value Tortooga’s commitment to transparency, innovation, and sustainability, underpinned by a culture of operational excellence.

Alicia Hermez

DTLA Fashion Network
We've been working with Tortooga for a month and they've already shown us they're resourceful and seek out solutions to any problem and will meet any obstacle.